Leslie's Dresden Plates

I trimmed all the blocks to a consistent size, then added sashing fabrics and corner stones for frames.  Then the real fun began because I got to quilt them!
First I used the seams of each segment as a spine for feathers, and stitched in the ditch around the center circle.  I didn't want my cream thread to compete with the black hand embroidery, so I didn't stitch around the appliques.  I added a background fill of a loose meander to just hold everything together.

All of the sashing strips received a feather that met in the middle.  That way there is no top or bottom to the design, and it can go any direction.
Last was to add a small feathered wreath in each of the corner stones.  What a lovely quilt, and it's going to be a lovely gift for Leslie's 86 yo mother, daughter and grand-daughter of the women who made the blocks in the first place.  What a great ending to a lovely collection of blocks.

Stars by Debra

Isn't this fun?  You don't realize how cool the shading of the colors is until you see it at a distance.
I got quilting rulers for Christmas so used them on the border.

Continuous curves in the stars to allow them to pop out, and a tight background fill in the black to make it recede.  Most of the top was done with "Military Gold" thread by Glide, but I used black on the backgrounds so that it wouldn't be overpowering.  Quite effective, I think.

Rail Fenc by Carol

I love Rail Fence blocks.  They are quick, fun and satisfying.  Besides, how can you go wrong with purple and yellow?

Quilted with a panto of dragonflies, made even more appropriate since the backing has dragonflies on it.

Mexican Stars or 8 pointed stars by Pat.

Pat brought me another stunner to quilt for her. This one is for her Sister in Law, the lucky lady!  Here's what Pat had to say about the recipient of the quilt.
 When I think about my sister in law (whom the quilt is bound for), I think of words such as snazzy, somewhat glittery in that she likes rhinestones on her western garb, not afraid of color and a amazing seamstress.
So we went for "Snazzy".  I used "Glide" thread since it's got a bit of a sheen to it.  I was going to do something else for the quilting, but it just hit me that this is what this quilt needed.  Snazzy, but still feminine. 

I love the continuous curves in the stars, and how the feathers fill the background.  Such a fun quilt to work on.

Butterflies by Carol

Carol contacted me about quilting this quilt for her grand-daughter.  Now it's going to go under the tree, so SHH!  No telling!

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I am rather slow I guess. It took me 2 days to realize that the design I was quilting mimicked the swirls of the antennae of the butterflies.

Unicorn Mosiac by Xande

I can't be the only person who is amazed that all of the unicorns march around the border in the same direction!

Sheep!  The backing is flannel, most of the sheep are white, but there's a blue one plopped throughout.  So cute.

Baby quilt for Winslet

Quilted with an all over design of hearts and loops.  Perfect for a little girl.

Ruler practice