A few new digital designs

"Z order fill 2" is the name of this one.  I haven't stitched it out yet, this was a freebie, so I snagged it while I was there.
Digital Quilting Design Karlee's Circle 22 by Karlee Porter.
"Karlee's Circles 22" is about to be used on a quilt for Michael.  Please check back in a day or two for seeing that one finished.
"DTQ ETE2" Interesting name.  ETE obviously stands for Edge to edge, but I'm not sure what the DTQ is about.
"Faceted Clam"  I can hardly wait to try this one out.  Guess I'd better get off the computer and down to the sewing machine.  As soon as I finish the coffee....

"Shattered" by Jennie

 This is Jennie's second ever quilt.  Pretty amazing, I think.  The name of the pattern is "Shattered", but she has yet to decide what she will call it.

Jennie wanted something circular to offset the sharp points of the piecing.  Good call!  So quilting with an edge to edge "spiral" design and white thread.  If this is what she does for her second quilt, I think that Jennie is going places quickly.

Two memory quilts by Chris

 Chris brought me these two memory quilts.  Both made from clothing, probably shirts, and silk tie, appliqued to cotton background. 

Both quilted with the same loopy hearts design

"Leftover Candy" by me

 I've been collecting 2" (1.5" finished) squares for some time.  The shoebox is full, and not seemingly getting any smaller.  I use these as beginner/ender blocks, and make up a bunch.  These were all leftover from the other "Penny Candy" quilt that I made
 I freely admit that this is not the right quilting design for this quilt, but I wanted to try it out, and what better opportunity than a police quilt? 
Still waiting for the police officer to give this one too as well.  At least they have made it to the car.

"Not Political" by me.

 I admit, I'm not much for "modern" quilts, and have in fact, decided that this movement started because people ran out of fabric, and just used large swaths of whatever they had to make the quilt the "right" size.  At least that's what happened to me.

The blocks in this quilt started out with the patriotic prints that I miscounted from another quilt that I'm still working on.  Too big to throw away, too small to keep.  Add some yellow/gold, set on point and then add the background.  Then I ran out of grey, and ended up with a patch of brown in the corner.  (The original blocks are all patriotic because I bought  a bolt of 3 different prints for another project, and they were rejected, so here I am with 15 yards of 3 fabrics.  Guess I'll be making patriotic quilts for a while)

Another cop quilt waiting for the officer to be found.