Diamonds in the Rough by me

This is another quilt from the facebook group "Mystery Quilts Anonymous".  I chose the pink and brown color scheme because I had a cone of thread in those colors that I wanted to use to quilt it. 

 All fabrics pulled from my stash, and I was short using the same background fabric throughout by about 6" total.  Oh well.  That adds to the fun.
As usual, a cop quilt, and the old adage of "never a cop when you need one" holds true.  Although for a much more fun reason.  I had this in the car for 5 days.  (Granted, I only drove 2 of those days).  No police officers in sight!  On Monday, during a long bike ride, I believe I passed at least 6 police cruisers, but of course, had no quilt with me.  Finally, just starting to pull into my driveway at the end of the day, here comes one down my street.  Waved him over, and explained that all was well, and the rest of the story.  Watching his face brighten when he heard the story of the quilt, and how being able to give him this made my day, made me feel that much happier. 

A huge thanks to the facebook group that supports these quilts, and to my friend Cathy for introducing me to them.  By the way, I currently have 3 quilts from this group in varying stages.  2 are donations, and one is for my bed because after 15 years or so, there's a hole in mine.

Chicago Cubs by Dagmar

 I think it's safe to say that Dagmar is a fan of the Chicago Cubs baseball team. 
Great quilt made using a layer cake, and then she added in  the above fabric for the stars.
Quilted with the "Baseball Fun" panto.

"Animals" by Chelsea

 So many "oh wow" moments in this quilt.  First, Chelsea found me online, and mailed me her quilt.  We've communicated via email, but I've never met her in person.  Then the fact that she trusts me to quilt this sweet quilt, sight unseen is amazing to me.  All of these great animals are foundation pieced, which blows my mind.  So, above we have the lion, quilted to give him some "fur" in his mane.  I think he's my favorite.

 The racoon, who seems to have a piece of thread on his face.  I didn't quilt his face, it needs to be a round little racoon face.
 For the deer I mimicked the swirly design in the fabric
 Straight lines in the owl, and again left his face open.  Chelsea will be adding some type of eyes to all of them, and the owl's face just needed to be left alone.
The fox. got orange swirls in the body, and white straight-ish lines in the face to double as whiskers

"Patty's Log Cabin Stars"

 Another stunner from Pat, and it's scrappy.  What's not to love?
 We've got a piano key border, quilted with a leafy vine.  The leaves are repeated in the log cabin blocks.
The star blocks got continuous curves on one half, and the white half was treated to the same feathers in the rest of the white sections of the quilt.  Fun times for me in terms of quilting. 

"polar bear" baby quilt by Pat

 The quilt gets it's name from the bear fabric that's used throughout.  So cute!
I tried to find a pantograph of just polar bears, but none seem to exist.  We opted for the "Log Cabin" panto that at least has a bear in it.