Michael's scrappy stars

I have to get these photos up so that Michael can post them on Instagram!  As always, I love scrappy quilts, and stars...

The panto is "Diagonal Plaid", and I wsn't sure about it initially.  When it got doing though, I love how it turned out.    The green is the backing.  Color is darker than it shows, but I love the wavy lines.so much that I have included it in a mystery quilt for my bed.  Will get it finished.... someday.

1930's baby quilt by Pat

I love 1930's prints.  So cherry!  Especially since the times were so difficult. 
I'm not sure what the name of the block is, a style of a pinwheel.

"Scrappy Batiks" by Kathy

"Norther Nights" by Sharyle

 This is a mystery quilt that I made at Heart to Hand.  Debbie Caffery's "Northern Nights".  Sharyle made it up this time in tulip fabric and fabric from the Western Washington shop hop.  Sweet!
Quilted with the Wavy Raindrops panto.  Perfect for a NW quilt, and the raindrops also resemble tulips.

Diane's son's t-shirts

 It took me some time to realize that this reads "Not Soberfest".  Hysterical!

"Hydrangeas" by Dorothy

 Another huge quilt!  This one was quilted as an edge to edge, so faster than others, but still several days on my girl.  I love the hydrangea print, and warned Dorothy that since I was in the midst of a "large print" mystery quilt of my own, and these would be perfect in my quilt, she shouldn't be surprised to find large holes in her quilt when I returned it to her. 
Here is proof that I left Dorothy's fabric in her quilt.

Lauren's t- shirts

Lauren has graduated from school, but wanted her own quilt.  How come when she was in high school, she got to go to New York?  I had to wait to college, and then we only went to Vancouver, BC. 
Being a coffee fiend, of course, this is my personal favorite.

"Ben's shirts" for Monica

My favorite, and saddest shirt.  Although I never met Kelsey, she was the daughter of a biking friend who was killed in a skiing accident.  This race is a fund raiser in her honor.

"Mystic Minerals" by Carol

 This is a honking huge quilt!  Carol made it for her parents, and her father has been anxiously awaiting it's completion.  I hope that he thinks it was worth the wait.

Carol and I share a love of feathers, so let's see how many areas we can quilt feathers into this quilt.  In the borders, wreaths in the blocks, and smaller ones in the sashing areas.  Great fun, but took a long time.