"The Four Freedoms"

Wendy designed this quilt using the Four Freedoms panel by Norman Rockwell.
The freedoms are:
#1 Freedom of religion
#2 Freedom from want
#3 Freedom of speech
#4 Freedome from fear
I was quite pleased with how the quilting turned out.

"Tulip Garden"

Another quilt in the international mystery series from the quilt shop. Guess which country this is?

Quilted with wool batt for extra warmth, but even lighter than the usual cotton batt.

Difficult to see in the photo, but the setting squares have a tulip design quilted into them as well.

For sale: $250

30's applique

Grace does it again! 30's prints machine appliqued into a flower design. Lovely quilt.

Courthouse steps with applique

Kathy is a new customer to me, and I love her work! We used King Tut "Sahara Shadows" for the top, and quilted it with leaves meandering all over the top of the quilt. The applique is echo quilted.

Blue Stars by Laverna

I think that Laverna is the most prolific piecer I know. This is another Christmas gift for a family member. Quilted with blue thread in the Baptist Fans design.

Double Wedding ring

Appliqued by hand by Carole as a wedding gift for her daughter in law.

"Green and Gold" by Betsi

I think that the best part of this quilt is the way the sashing strips on blocks make a lovely secondary pattern. The sashings are the same pattern as one I'm currently working on, so it gave me some ideas for when I set my quilt. Quilted with one of my favorites, Bapstist Fans.

"Harvest" by Betsi

The pattern is called puzzle box, and I've made it in a totally different looking fabric. Very fast, very easy, and very versatile. I love the leaves that we quilted in a multi-color thread, even though they don't show up too well from a distance. Makes me long for fall weather.

Diana and Belgium

Diana added a pieced border to her version of the Belgian mystery. She said it was the first time she'd tried one, and I think it turned out great. We quilted it with a green thread that brought out the green in the borders.

Diana's Chinese mystery

I love Diana's version of China. Same colorway as I did, but she laid hers out in a very unusual manner with the red sashing inside. So pretty. We used the Asian Fan panto to quilt it.

Norma's first quilt

Norma took Judy's beginning quilting class about 3 years ago, and finally brought me her top for quilting. It's a rail fence design, perfect for beginners. Norma chose an allover feather meander for the body of the quilt, and a seperate feather design in the outside border. Very lovely.

Chris' "Quilt in a Day"

Okay, so it really took her 6 years to getthis top done and ready for quilting. Lovely batiks were used throughout.


Lisa did it again, and made a really fun quilt! The prints are all from Kyle's Marketplace, very realistic looking fruites and vegetables. I love how it looks both from a distance, and close up. Quilted with leaves, seemed approp. considering the subject of the fabrics.

Toni's quilt

The quilt top was pieced by Toni's mom before she passed away. It is quilted with Baptist Fans, a very traditional design, and very approp. for a Trip Around the World quilt

"Fairy Princess"

Oops. The castle is upside down, and I don't know how to fix it. This is the quilt for the twin sister of the Pirates quilt. I think my favorite bits are the castle, and the magic mirror. It's also got a magic wand, slippers, and a purse to carry to the ball. Too fun!


This quilt is for the twin sister of the girl who gets the Fairy Princess quilt. I guess they aren't identical twins. Quilted with the "Earth, Wind and Fire" free hand design in King Tut "Scheckles".

"Bow Ties"

This quilt was started by my customers mother who passed away before it was completed. She was making it for her son, and it was completed by her daughter, my customer, and sister of the recipient. This was also Greta's first quilt, so I was doubly impressed. Quilted with Baptist Fans.

Bright Lady Bugs

Mary chose a simple allover design for her bright lady bugs quilt. We did giant clam shells in a variegated pink thread. There is so much going on in the quilt top, that it's hard to see, but I love the Laurel Burch "Fanciful Felines" backing.

Laverna's star

Laverna is a dear lady who is making quilts for her family members for Christmas, 2008. This one will go to her youngest son. I think it's just lovely.

"Aunt Chris' graduation gift to Stephanie"

After all those years of soccer games, and practices, Stephanie had quite a few t-shirts which her loving Aunt Chris made into a quilt for her.

Here is a high school graduation gift from Gayle. Lots of lovely batiks, quilted with the "Fern Gully" panto, and "Autumn Leaves" thread.

Edna's Thimbleberries

Edna's "Thimbleberries 2007, House and Garden" Quilted with an overall design of Baptist Fans.
Now, no one likes to admit this, but mistakes do happen. I accidentally tore a hole in her quilt, but thankfully, had fabric to repair it. Gold star for you if you can find the repair!

Norma's Belgium

Norma made a different color way of the Belgian mystery than I did. Very pretty!

"Healing Hands"

The designer of this panto has agreed to donate a portion of the sales towards breast cancer research. Maybe you have someone in your life who has been touched by this or some other disease, and you want to offer them some healing through your quilting.

"Star Flower"

I love how the rows of the design flow up and down rather than just straight across. This would be lovely on a quilt for a gardener, or just someone special.

Yes, there really can be frogs hiding in the grass on your quilt. Both a profile and front view. This is a really fun design on a quilt for either a child, or an adult.

"Holly Bells". Another idea for a Christmas quilt.

Yes, it really is dog bones, and one fire hydrant. What dog wouldn't want their very own hydrant?

"Leaf and Scroll" This would be a good panto. if you are someone who does not want a very densely quilted quilt.

"Apple Crisp" Working with this pantograph makes me hungry for a bite of a crisp, juicy apple. Delicious!

"Fern Gully" To my eye, this looks like either grass, or maybe wind blowing across the quilt.

"Whatever". Really, that's the name of the pantograph.