"Fairy Princess"

Oops. The castle is upside down, and I don't know how to fix it. This is the quilt for the twin sister of the Pirates quilt. I think my favorite bits are the castle, and the magic mirror. It's also got a magic wand, slippers, and a purse to carry to the ball. Too fun!


This quilt is for the twin sister of the girl who gets the Fairy Princess quilt. I guess they aren't identical twins. Quilted with the "Earth, Wind and Fire" free hand design in King Tut "Scheckles".

"Bow Ties"

This quilt was started by my customers mother who passed away before it was completed. She was making it for her son, and it was completed by her daughter, my customer, and sister of the recipient. This was also Greta's first quilt, so I was doubly impressed. Quilted with Baptist Fans.