"Made up Pattern" by Joan

 Joan made up this pattern herself using Kaffee Fassett fabrics.  This is also Joan's first quilt.  Lucky me for helping her finish it.
Joan chose the Hydrangea panto, but it is impossible to see with all the great colors in the fabrics.

"Ocean View" by Pat

Somehow I missed getting a name for this quilt from Pat, so for now, it's called "Ocean View", the name of the pantograph she chose for the quilt.  I don't have a close up, just because there's so much pattern in the fabric, and a lightly colored thread that it didn't show.

"Based on a rug" by Stacey

Poor Stacey, she called me in the midst of my "really bad day", and I don't think I must have been too grumpy, because she still talked to me when I called her back. 
She designed this quilt herself based on a rug owned by the person who will receive the quilt.  As usual, I don't realize just how cool the quilt top is when I'm quilting it, and then when I hand it up to take a photo, it's a moment of "Wow!" Quilted with the "Modern Squares" panto, and I think it's perfect on this quilt. 

Another "Bright Flowers" by Leigh

Leigh loves the designer Sue Spargo, and this is another person who I so admire for her love of her favorite technique, but not something I'm ever going to take on.  Hand applique, and then all those amazing embroidery stitches!

Leigh further tells me "I always love what you do with my quilts", so there's never any "rule" as to what to do.  I stared at the ric rack on the border for a time, and finally decided that it simply need to be echoed in stitching between.  What fun!

There is a feather that grows up a spine formed by the seam between each block, but hidden in the background so as to not compete with Leigh's amazing work.   Then a tiny background fill to let the flowers poof up.

African mystery by Sharyle

Here's another of Sharyle's Heart to Hand mystery quilt.  I believe this one was Diamond Mines, but I think she chose her won fabric for the pattern.

 Love the thread, slight variegation with yellow and a little green  And of course, it had to have "African Pull Toys" for the quilting design.

Mystery from Sharyle for the cops

Anyway, Sharyle brought me this quilt top that the had made at Heart to Hand, and gave it to me, along with fabric to add borders to it.
I decided that I needed to practice my "hump bump" feathers, and used this for that.  When finished, I asked Sharyle if she wanted to "stalk" her own cop to give this one to, but she left that to me.  Thanks!
I was having a lousy day.  Things not going anywhere near as planned, and my mood was going downhill fast.But from a WW standpoint, I made good choices!
So, going back to continue the job that wasn't going well, and I came upon Officer Joey of the Washington County Sherriff's dept.  He was all smiles and gracious, and siad "I'm sorry" when I told him of my lousy day.  I further explained that I hoped to make someone else's day better by giving him this quilt, and then sharing my story about why.  As we talked, he shared that his own father was with the City of Portland police, and that Officer Joey had been a police cadet when Tom was killed.  I got a little teary when he was telling me his story.  We talked, he gave me a hug or two, and I went back to the job.  Feeling much much better after speaking with him.
So, Sharyle, thanks for all your help with this quilt.  You made my day better, hopefully Officer Joey's and the person who receives this quilt.  Amazing how your gift has touched so many lives.

Frankenquilt #15 by Michael

Lynn's log cabin

Due to a comedy of errors, I have yet to even meet Lynn.  She does make a nice quilt though! 
I love the bright colors, and I've long been a fan of log cabin blocks.  Quilted with the Snowflake Splendor panto in threads that matched the colors in the quilt top.

Griaffe by Sharyle

Sharyle made this sweet one for a new baby in her life.  Quilted leaves in the background so the giraffe would have something to eat.

T-shirts for Heather's son

Graduation time for so many local schools is coming up, so the t-shirts have started to arrive.  As always, you have to wonder where do these kids find the time?  They are in so many clubs and groups, high achievers academically, and also have a life outside of school
I love the lab shirt.  Being a dog person myself, this one warmed my heart.