"Buzz Saw" design

A new design that I'll be using this afternoon.  "Buzz Saw", but I'm going to use it on a bike themed quilt.  Check back in a couple of days for what this looks like stitched out.

Cross stitched squares

This is just a preview of a quilt that's coming.  I wanted to take a "before" photo.  Still on my girl machine, Pearly, but we are having so much fun working on it!  I can't wait to show it to you.


My friend Shelley will be a grandma for the first time very soon, and she is expecting twins!  A boy and a girl.  Easy pattern, 9 patch variation blocks, with fabric from my stash.
As usual, the real fun for me is in the quilting!  Ducks in this one, and Beanie hats in the other.  Gotta love my Lenni machine!

"Glamping" by Natalie

 I asked Natalie and her daughters if they like to camp, and her response was that they are more "glampers".   Sweet fabrics with lots of fun little trailers.  Also quilted with Heart links quilting design.

Memory quilt by Barbara

While sad, memory quilts are still such a lovely thing to do.  Take clothing from a loved one and make a quilt for someone else out of the clothes.  Barbara set the blocks on point when cutting and then her layout make them into X's and O's, or hugs and kisses.  How lovely.

"Purple for niece" by Pat

Another quilt for one of Pat's lucky niece's.  This one in shades of purple.  Quilted with a digital design called "Antwerp", so some pretty tulips and swirls.

"Little Log Cabin Church" by Pat

 I have never seen the church, but reportedly in the tiny coastal town of Yachats, OR there is a little church made from a log cabin.  It's in need of some help/loving care, so Pat made this quilt as a possible donation for them to use as a fund raiser.  Then she turned me loose for quilting and I got to play!
 Since it's a church, it needed to have a Cross in the window.  Also, diagonal lines on the roof for shingles
 The white-ish lines on the quilt are made from chalk, used to mark the center so that I know where to stop and start my feathers or leaves going in the opposite direction.
Then lots of feathers in the open spaces.  Can't see them very well, but trust me, they really work.  I had so much fun playing with this quilt!  While I was playing on this, Lenni was on the opposite side of the studio playing on his own edge to edge quilt. 

Two Halloween panels by Dagmar

Two quick gifts for Christmas.  She's pieced the skulls, and included a gold metallic fabric for the one tooth.  So fun!

Dagmar's Tree skirt

 A quick tree skirt that Dagmar made.  Quilted with a snowflake design that's difficult to see, but very pretty.  Also shiny white thread to make it festive.

Squares by Carla

I've now done several quilts for Carla, and she has always chosen the same ginkgo leaves pantograph for quilting.  It always works on her quilts too.   A simple design for piecing, but I love how it turned out.

Rail Fence made by Beth's mother in law

This is a quilt that Beth's mother in law pieced some time ago, and never got around to quilting it. 
Quilted with the swirls board, and ready for giving this Christmas.  So pretty.  Love the shading on the blocks.

"pink for a friend" by Jan

This quilt just wants to cuddle with you.  It's so soft, and soft colors.  Quilted with double hearts, or at least I think that's the name of the design.  So very pretty.

Purprle Squre by Stephanie

Shh.  I'm pretty sure this is a Christmas gift for Stephanie's grand-daughter.  Guess what her favorite color is?

A simple design, but very well executed. Quilted with hearts because she loves her grand-daughter so much.

Atomic Tulips by Julia

 How cool is this?  Julia started with Drunkard's Path blocks, but then turned them into tulips.    So pretty! 
When Julia and I were discussing how to quilt her quilt, and she said that she wanted the whole thing cross-hatched, I was probably a little more than enthusiastic.  The quilt is 92" square, and the idea of doing all of that with rulers was more than I could comprehend.  Not to mention the expense!  However, Lenni, and his amazing computer program to the rescue!  This is the single diamond design, and it turned out stunning!  Great choice of design Julia, and sorry that I was discouraging at first.

"Toni's quilt" by Carol

I swear I fixed this photo so that it was oriented correctly.  Isn't this quilt lovely?  Darling husband Randall even stated "That blue and white one is pretty."

Toni is a friend of Carol's, and lucky lady to get such a gorgeous quilt made for her.

More new digital designs!

The first of the new digital designs

 There are A LOT more to come, but these are the first 3 that I got uploaded with a cat on my lap.  Baby steps after all.
"Celtic Knot."           Haven't used this one yet, but I'm looking forward to trying it out.
"Illusions"  Wish I could post a video of the oh so helpful cat grabbing my hands while I type.
"Woof".  Because if you don't love dogs, well I'm not sure we can be close friends.

If you happen to be perusing this blog, and then go and find a digital quilting design that would be perfect for an upcoming quilt, drop me a line.  New Year's resolution, get all of the digital designs and the paper pantos that aren't yet listed up on this blog.

Table Topper by Michael

 Drat, I had additional photos that the computer ate.  Here's another amazing Michael quilt.  I believe that it is paperpieced, I can't imagine how else you'd get  those precise points.
Feathers in the blue triangles, and a circle of feathers in the center.  SID around the brown diamonds, and a wave design for the batik dolphins to swim in at the outer edges.

"French Braid" by Jan

Here's a blast from the past.  Jan used to come to Heart to Hand, and found me again for quilting.  Here's a lovely French Braid quilt for her grandson, quilted with Pine Trees design. 

"Disappearing 9 patch" by Zoe

After finishing this quilt I think I finally realized that it's not a disappearing 9 patch, but a "Harmonic Convergence" by Ricky Tims.  I've never made one, but you start with 4 different fabrics and by careful cutting and piecing, end up with this totally different design
The four fabrics are a batik stripe above, batick animals

 Frogs and monkeys
And dots and circles.  Amazing how they all work together.  Great job Zoe

"Green Squares" by Zoe

 Kelli made a simple quilt of squares, then chose the "pond water meander" free hand design for quilting.  Very pretty.