"Franken-Christmas" by Michael.

Sorry, but I've lost track of how many "Franken-quilts" Michael has done, but now he's expanding to Christmas ones.
 Flamingos for Christmas?  Why not! The ones below have Santa hats on.

Blue snowflakes

Christmas quilts already!  Oh to be so organized.  Sorry it's sideways, but it's still lovely.  Quilted with "Flurry" panto of snowflakes.

quilted yardage by Michael

 Okay, these I'm sure are ones that he's going to use for bags.  He brought several prints and then chose appropriate quilting designs for each one.  The top are little cat foot prints, so Kitty Kat panto was perfect.

Having grown up with "idiot birds", aka "Peacocks", I still think they are pretty, but don't get the attraction for them.  At least it was only the feathers, not the screaming birds at 5am.

 Finally, a panel of lovely flowers, quilted with the Star Flower panto.  These were all a new challenge for me.  Since Michael will use these for bags, none have backing fabrics.  So, load the cotton batting as though it was the backing, and then the quilt top.  Only 2 layers to this "sandwich".

Several from Michael

 Michael brought in quite a collection of goodies.  First, take a decorative tea towel and add borders.  Since it's the song "Jingle Bells", it's quilted with music notes.

 This one is a towel from Ohio to go to a friend who lives there. Did you know that several presidents are from Ohio?  I didn't.  Completed with Ohio stars in the corners.
And since I didn't turn the photos, on the left is half a tree skirt for Christmas.  I think that Michael is going to use this as quilted yardage in bags and such.  Quite pretty, I think.
  Quilted with the "Christmas Paisley" panto.  They are all 3 quilted with the same backing, so I loaded the backing , and then used scraps of batting for each one.

"Japanese Mystery" by Sharyle

I really miss Heart to Hand and the fun and friends from there.  At least I still get to see Sharyle and she brings my the mystery quilts that we made there. 

Sharyle added the appliqued orchids to her quilt
Quilted with the "Sushi" panto, so ginkgo leaves and a few fish

"Round About Stars" by Sandy

 Isn't this pretty!  Sandy is a first time customer for me, but I hope that we'll get to work together again.  She sent me a photo of how the original quilt was quilted, and I took those ideas and then went slightly differently. This resulted in trying out several different ideas, and I'm thrilled with how it all turned out.

"Squares with White Modern Quilt" by Amanda.

 I am not much for the modern quilt movement, but I can see the attraction of the simplicity of this one. 
The squares finish at approx. 4", and the quilting is straight lines from top to bottom, randomly spaced apart.  Very fun.

"Fiftyfour Fourty" by Ann with help from family.

 This is a wedding quilt for Ann's son and his new bride.  The family tradition is that many people get together and piece the blocks for the happy couple.  So, lots of people stitched a lot of love into this quilt for them. 
Quilted with the Ginkgo Garden panto, so ginkgo leaves and dragonflies scattered across the quilt.  Wishing the happy couple much happiness and love.

"The Lion" by Robin

First, let me say that I LOVE these patterns!  They are by Violet Craft, and the line is called "Jungle Abstractions".  All paper pieced.  Now, for the most amazing part.  This is Robin's 2nd quilt!  Two quilts is all she has ever made, and this is what she makes! 

Quilted with the pantograph "Fern Gully" which I think is perfect because it makes the lion look like he's looking through grasslands.  So very cool!  This is for her son who is heading off to college soon.  I hope he realizes just how amazing his mother is.

"Wedding Quilt Leftovers" by me

 My darling niece Katie married her love Cody on Aug. 3, 2019.  Of course I had to make them a wedding quilt!  I started to piece the quilt which involved literally hundreds of 2" squares of fabric.  I also wanted to make it larger than the pattern, so rather than count how many squares I had, I just kept cutting.  I got the quilt pieced, and was binding it by hand with much help from Rumples the kitten, the week before the wedding.  In my rush to finish this, I completely forgot to take a picture of the actual wedding quilt!  However, since I hadn't bothered to count fabrics, I ended up with enough leftover blocks to make this baby quilt top.  Again, it went for donation to Project Linus.  The wedding quilt has a lavender inner border and a green outer border just like this one.  Those colors were chosen because when asked for their color choices, she chose purple and he chose green.  All of the tiniest star blocks are made up of either a green or purple center square with the opposite color for the star points to represent to two of them.  The rest of the quilt is from my stash, with some last minute purchases of background fabrics.  And yes, I found lots more after having gone to the store, twice!

"Fish" by me

 I am taking an online certification class, and as a part of that, we are required to construct and quilt a few quilts.  We then mail them off for judging of our work and the finished projects are then donated to Project Linus.  This is just a small baby quilt, and oh so simple!  I totally stole the idea from "Quilter's Corner" in Port Orford, OR.  We, Xande and I stopped there during Cycle Oregon, "Go For Gold".  They were so happy to see us, especially since we bought fabric from nearly every bolt in the store.  I took a photo of their sample quilt, with their permission, and it's been in my phone ever since as a part of the "going to make this someday" quilt group.

The fish applique pattern was a freebie off the internet, and even though I'm not a huge fan of applique, I love it!

"Urban Ecosystems" by Ann

Ann is the sister of my friend Xande.  She is an art teacher at West Sylvan school, and this quilt was created by 6-8th graders as a part of their curriculum.  This quilt now hangs in the display case at the school.
 All of the quilts are fusible applique, so lots of layers to quilt through.

 I'm not sure what the "rules" were for the project, but it's obvious that they were to create a scene of an urban ecosystem using fabric, and it seems that embroidery was also required as each block has a least a little bit of embroidery stitching.

All have the kid's names on the block, even though it may not show in the photo.  I did find this one, below, as I was quilting, and it made me smile.

 Each feather was cut out individually.
This is what Xande gave me for the backing.  Fits the theme, but gives me a bit of the willies.