Pink and blue Irish Chain

I can't quite decide if this is an Irish Chain quilt or not. Either way, it's really turned out lovely. I believe that Evelyn said that she got all of the fabrics from a thrift store, so doing a good deed by supporting charity, and getting a good deal of fabric as well.
She chose and all over design of Clamshells, and I think it really works on this quilt.
While sad, I love the forethought that Evelyn is using. She has many grand-children, and probably greats too, and wants them all to have a wedding quilt from her. Knowing that she won't be around forever (that's the sad part), she is making them ahead of time so that they'll be ready for the kids as they are needed. Isn't that just cool?

Drunkards path

The name of this block is called a "Drunkards Path", and I must have been intoxicated when I chose these colors to go together! I remember that the plan was a scrappy yellow and blue quilt, allegedly to be a 12 block, block of the month. I made 4 blocks before giving up on it. Now I see why I stopped! This one will be a dog bed, and we'll surely hope that dogs are color blind. It certainly looks better to me with my eyes closed!

We'll try this quilt again in the future, but we'll stick with 2 distinct fabrics, not go for the "scrappy" look this time. Horrors! However, this is one more "PhD" (project half done) that is out of my closet and on to a better home.

Colleen's Betsey-Tacy #3


Last grouping. All of the panels were outlined with a tight meander, and no quilting in the design itself. The top left photo shows the binding before I got it sewn down. I love bias binding when it's a stripe. Makes it look to pretty.

Betsey-Tacy part 2

Here's some shots of the back of the quilt. Aren't I mean? Colleen was so excited to get her quilt, but I didn't want to show her the whole thing until the binding was finished. Besides, she'd seen the front of the quilt before it was quilted. So I sent her these photos of the back to show off the quilting. I think it turned out great!

Betsey Tacy for Colleen

This is going to be in several posts because I have so many photos, I can' fit them all at once! Colleen introduced me to the Betsey Tacy books when she brought a quilt for her friend to be quilted. Then she was able to find more panels and had a bed quilt made for herself. I just had a great time playing with the quilting on this quilt. We chose a poly batt to give it some loft, and because Colleen is sadly, allergic to wool.

Dr. Seuss by Deanna

Quilting this quilt really took me back to reading all these great books. They are all here from "Horton Hears a Who" through "The Sneeches"and of course "The Cat in the Hat." Well done Deanna

Wine Logt Cabin by Sylvia

What's not to love? Wine, log cabin blocks and a quilt? It's perfect! Another lucky Christmas recipient here!

Christmas quilt by Michael

It's not a scrappy quilt from Michael! Love the traditional Christmas reds and greens, and the snowflake design that he chose to have quilted in it.

Michael's Stars

Michael and I share a love of scrappy quilts. I love to work with and look at scrappy quilts and remember the project that the fabric was initially purchased for. This quilt will be a Christmas gift for some lucky person, so Shh! Don't tell!

Hummel Figures by Carol and Joyce

Joyce is Carol's mom, and she did the machine embroidery of these Hummel figures in the blocks. Carol then put them all together into this lovely Irish Chain quilt. Then I got to play with continuous curves in the chains, feathered wreaths around the embroidery, and just fun border designs. I bet it's gorgeous on the guest room bed.

With a LIttle Help from my Friends

This quilt has had a quite a history. The two primary fabrics in the top came about after Wendy asked me to piece a quilt of her design for Lars. Either my math was off, or her computer program, but I ended up with a bunch of blocks that were the wrong size. This was in about 2009. I gave those to a woman in Australia after the fires in Christchurch. In Dec. 2011, I've decided that I can't start anything new until I clean up abandoned projects in the sewing room closet. This quilt top is made from leftover fabrics and partial blocks that I had stuffed into a ziploc bag about 9"x6". Lots of corners that were cut off from making snowball blocks. While this quilt will never win any prize at a quilt show (there's not a single corner that matches I don't believe), it will keep someone warm. The entire quilt came from my stash and all of it came from former projects for friends. Even the wool batting was leftovers that were pieced together. Plus, I've got one less project in my closet!


I needed a hand project to do, so I figured I'd make another English paper pieced quilt. I've lost track of how many of these I've done. This one is mostly pulled from those 5" squares of fabric that I collected for some time, but never did anything with. I could get about 4 hexagons from each square, so many of the fabrics are repeated, but it was still fun. Wool batting for extra warmth, and a chance to practice my continuous curves.