Claudella's hunting scene

I believe that this is to be birthday gift for someone special. The background around the deer had to have some sort of fill or it would have been a mess after it was washed. Same with the deer itself. So, leaves in the background and then just a few details added to the deer. Claudella wanted a feather meander in the main body of the quilt, and then there is cross-hatching in the borders. I think it really turned out well, and I hope she thinks so too!

Small Rail Fence

My favorite! Again, "do what you think is best". Since this was a small quilt, I wanted to be sure that Grace got her money's worth on the quilting, so I went all out. Stitched in the ditch around each block and the borders, then feathered wreaths in each of the setting blocks and pieced blocks. Thankfully, I'd started to take a picture of the back, because that's when I noticed that I hadn't quilted 2 of the blocks! I couldn't see them from the front, but boy did they show up on the back side!

9-patch variation set on point

You've got to love the Baptist Fans on traditional quilts like this one. Just very calm and soothing. The prints are what appear to be civil war reproductions to me, but I could be wrong. What a beauty.

Space 4-patch

Grace is one of the most prolific as well as accurate piecers I know. When I dropped off her last 2 quilts, she handed me 3 more tops to quilt!
My instructions were to "do whatever you think is best, I trust you", so here's what we did with this one. Shimmery, color changing thread, and then fun "spacey" designs like stars, flames, loops, etc. Such fun.