Michael's "Amish With a Twist"

This is a BOM quilt from a company that shall remain nameless.  The idea was that this was a 12 month project where each month you would get fabrics for a portion of the quilt, as well as directions to make the block or blocks for the month.  The frustrating part for Michael is that it took greater than a year to get the last segment to finish the quilt, so a one year project took closer to two years to finish.  Michael has since renamed this quilt "KQB" an acronym for a new title that Michael chooses to use for this quilt.  Other than the lengthy time to get the last parts, I think the quilt is lovely.

With all the colors in the quilt, Michael opted for plain white, but with a slight sheen to the thread.  Quilted with an all over design of giant clam shells.

Churn Dash by Natalie

Quilted in an edge to edge design with the Baptist Fans design.

Dala Horses by Natalie

Here is the 3rd quilt for Natalie's mom's summer house.  I believe the Dala Horses are the stylized horses in the border print.  I'm not sure where the applique designs comes from, but they are all done by hand.

Continuous curves in the squares and triangles.

Peacock feather meander in the background around the appliques, and they are all SID.  Leaves in the sashing strips.

A shot of the background showing the leaves, the background fill and SID around the applique.
Leaves and vines in the border over the horses.