"Aunt Chris' graduation gift to Stephanie"

After all those years of soccer games, and practices, Stephanie had quite a few t-shirts which her loving Aunt Chris made into a quilt for her.

Here is a high school graduation gift from Gayle. Lots of lovely batiks, quilted with the "Fern Gully" panto, and "Autumn Leaves" thread.

Edna's Thimbleberries

Edna's "Thimbleberries 2007, House and Garden" Quilted with an overall design of Baptist Fans.
Now, no one likes to admit this, but mistakes do happen. I accidentally tore a hole in her quilt, but thankfully, had fabric to repair it. Gold star for you if you can find the repair!

Norma's Belgium

Norma made a different color way of the Belgian mystery than I did. Very pretty!

"Healing Hands"

The designer of this panto has agreed to donate a portion of the sales towards breast cancer research. Maybe you have someone in your life who has been touched by this or some other disease, and you want to offer them some healing through your quilting.

"Star Flower"

I love how the rows of the design flow up and down rather than just straight across. This would be lovely on a quilt for a gardener, or just someone special.

Yes, there really can be frogs hiding in the grass on your quilt. Both a profile and front view. This is a really fun design on a quilt for either a child, or an adult.

"Holly Bells". Another idea for a Christmas quilt.

Yes, it really is dog bones, and one fire hydrant. What dog wouldn't want their very own hydrant?

"Leaf and Scroll" This would be a good panto. if you are someone who does not want a very densely quilted quilt.

"Apple Crisp" Working with this pantograph makes me hungry for a bite of a crisp, juicy apple. Delicious!

"Fern Gully" To my eye, this looks like either grass, or maybe wind blowing across the quilt.

"Whatever". Really, that's the name of the pantograph.

Double plume. Looks kind of like feathers I think.

"Chai Latte"

This is a nice allover design that doesn't represent anything, but gives nice movement to the quilting design.

"Automotion" is full of cars and trucks. Perfect for the little boy in your life.
Got a quilt with a chicken or farm theme? This might be the design for you!

Here is "Flurry". Perfect for a Christmas quilt, or something wintery.
This one is called "Heart Attack". While I don't think it's the nicest name, it's lovely on a wedding quilt, or where you want to show someone how much you love them.

"Simple Suns"

This is a pantograph that can be used for an allover quilting design.