Spanish mystery by Diana

Another fun mystery quilt from Heart to Hand. This is Diana's version of the Spanish mystery, you can see mine by looking for "Espange". Although the pattern is the same, Diana chose different fabrics from the same designer, so it gives it a different look. Diana loves leaves, so we've got leaves all over this quilt. In the border, the leaves and berries of the fabric are outline to give it texture. A leaf border design flows over the two narrow borders, and then a viney swirl meander through the body of the quilt. Another quilt with my favorite King Tut thread, and So Fine in the bobbin. This time, the thread color nearly matches the top and backing, so you get texture on the quilt, but don't really see the design.

Moda Oz by Norma

I'm not sure where the name for this quilt came from, but that's what Norma told me for the name. I'm guessing that it started out as a jelly roll and maybe a layer cake. For the non-quilters out there, a jelly roll is a collection of fabric cut into 2.5" strips and rolled together to look like a jelly roll. A layer cake is a collection of 10" squares of fabric stacked together. I guess quilters tend to like to pastries as well as fabric.
This quilt is for Norma's grand-daughter and with a flannel back and wool batting, she'll often be wrapped up in a warm hug from grandma. The quilting design is called Dresden fan, and we used a King Tut thread in the top, and a green So Fine in the bobbin that really lets the quilting show on the back.

Stack and Whack #2

I thought I had included a full front shot of this quilt in the previous post, but I must have been mistaken. Cool quilt!

Stack and Whack

Again, not exactly the correct title for the quilt, but that's the best fit for it. Stack and Whack is a type of cutting where you carefully lay out several layers of fabric and match the design up perfectly. Then when cut out the triangle shapes, you get the triangles placed in different areas of the original fabric and therefore different looking stars on your quilt top. The focus fabric in this quilt is actually all the same fabric, but because of how it's cut, it looks completely different.
This is one of those quilts that you don't want to finish because you are having so much fun quilting it. Mary and I decided that doing continuous curves in the stars of the quilt, and then a design I call Mimbari for the background. Ferny feathers in the borders complete the look.

Christmas Star

The actual name of the quilt isn't really Christmas Star, I'm not exactly sure what it's called. However, it's a star pattern, and Mary's giving it as a Christmas gift, so that title made sense to me.
The quilt is made of flannels on the top, and a fun batik for the backing. Mary chose the Swirls pattern for quilting and some of my favorite King Tut thread. It's even got wool batting for extra warmth for someone special.