Jordan political t's

Good for Jordan for volunteering for what she believes in.  As always, there's one shirt that's my favorite.  And it's not just because the cat reminds me of my late Hamish (aka "Psycho Cat")

Jordan's college shirts

Jordan brought me 2 bags of shirts to make 2 quilts from.  This was the first, her college days.

Wish you could read the fine print, it made me laugh!

Surf quilt by Barbara

 Barbara brought this quilt top that she had made for a new grandson.    When she told me that the backing was "an old sheet", I tried to discourage her, but then learned that the sheet had belonged to the dad of the baby.  Of course she had to use that!  Then I pulled out all my "Surfer" music to listen to while quilting it.
 I love the simplicity of the design, but also had fun looking at all the focus fabrics.
 How many Portland folk have some of this fabric in their stash?

Tipsy Triangles by Joan

I like modern quilts, but probably not something I'm going to piece.  This way I get the best of everything.  I get to enjoy the quilting, and seeing it, but someone else gets to piece it for me to enjoy quilting.
Joan brought me this quilt, and it's really lovely.  The background is a linen feel fabric, so a great nubby texture.  Very fun to work with.

Pink Elephants by Sharyle

Sharyle must have a very large extended family because they all seem to be having babies.  Lucky little girl to get this sweet one.  They are also of Irish descent, so had to have a shamrock and green ears on one. Quilted wth hearts and stars to go with the applique theme.

Disney Princess for the police

This is what happens when you leave extra fabric from your quilt with me.  It goes into the stash, only to come out someday in the future and usually ends up in a cop quilt.  The unifying theme of this quilt are the Disney Princesses which were cut into 1/2 square triangles (the light fabric above), and then scrappy 9 patches to finish. 

Square in a Square by Beverly

Beverly is a new to me customer who dropped her quilt off and then left town to snowbird someplace warm.  (Maybe she should have stayed here were it was 50 degrees yesterday.)   Lovely quilt, perfectly pieced with all those corners matching up perfectly.

 Quilted with hearts across the main body of the quilt, and then a heart chain in the border.

"Belle Canto" by Judy

This quilt is HUGE~  I needed a 120" square batting for it.  But, it's also stunning!  All batiks in purples and creams, lovely and scrappy.

 Just a couple of shots to show the "Tangles" pantograph for quilting

"Bright Flowers" by Leigh

 Where does she find the time, and the inspiration?   I love all the amazing embroidery stitches that Leigh has included.  Just blows my mind.  Lots of wool applique, and a few cotton prints in the background.

Cat Silhouette and Cats and Birds by Gerry.

 Two quilts for Gerry's grand-daughter.  I've seen the cat silhouette pattern before, but  have never made one myself.  Gonna have to research that I think. 
Gerry chose the "Flat Cat" panto for quilting this one.
 And this is Cats and Birds.  The black snowball blocks are cat fabrics, and the white has birds in them.  Quilted in hot pink and teal thread, perfect match for the colors in the quilt top.
The backing, above is actually black, but the camera made it greenish.  Quilted with hot pink bobbin thread, appearing orange here.  But it does really show the "Kitty Kat" panto quilting design.

Squares by Ali

This is Ali's first quilt!  Well done to her.  She mentioned in her initial email that she needed "a win", so it made me that much happier to help her finish her quilt. 
Quilted with the "Vanilla Cream" panto, something with lots of circular motion to interact with the squares in the piecing. 

"Snowflake Spendor" by me

 My friend Kathy got me hooked up with an online mystery quilting group.  Oh dear.  I'm in trouble!  This one was my first one.  Only 2 colors, so chose orange and purple.  Of course, I went for scrappy, because it makes me happy, but this may have been a bit too much.
 Difficult to see in the photo above, but it's quilted with cat silhouettes, and the reason I chose that design is because of the cats in the border.
Then on Christmas Eve I'm madly stitching the binding down in the hope of finding a cop to give it to.  Found one, but he was behind me at a traffic light, and probably not the time to leap from the car and run back to him.
The following Saturday on my way home from an appt. I saw an officer pull into the parking lot of the church near our home.  Followed him, and then waited outside his vehicle.  "Well hello there." he says when saw me.
Nice officer, on his way to a meeting, but came over to pick up the quilt after his meeting.  And to get a bit of the story behind why.  It just warms my heart to "stalk a cop" and give them these.