"Owls" by Sara

 I love this quilt!  Sara always comes up with such sweet applique quilts.  The owls were SID, then I added "Wood Grain" in the limbs of the tree,

And "veins" in the leaves. Such fun!  Also puffy clouds in the sky background.

"Irish Chain" by Janette

Janette's first quilt!  Hurray!  Well done, beautifully pieced, and you can't go wrong with blue in my book. 
Quilted with the "Kay's Shamrock" panto, and a very appropriate choice for an Irish Chain quilt.  Lovely.

"Nativity #5" by Michael

Given my recent foray into paper piecing, I am astounded that Michael has even attempted one of these quilts, let alone 5!  The man is amazing.

"Fleece" by Michael

 My mother used to say that my father could do "anything she set her mind to", and I think that Michael may feel the same way about my quilting abilities. Start with two fleece pieces, and then quilt them together with a football theme panto.  Fleece stretches a lot, so this was a bit of a challenge, but I hope that Michael and his brother, the future recipient, will be pleased.

"Flowers" by Shayrle

This quilt will go to the daughter of a friend of Shayrle's  I think the squares were part of a panel, but the border and sashing is all one ombre fabric.  Nice job on the planning and cutting there Sharyle.

"Cars" by Sharyle

Sharyle had a special request from her grand-daughter for a Cars quilt for her birthday.  Thankfully, Sharyle still had a panel in her stash. 
I love the pinwheels on the "tires" in the border.

"Cowboy Way"

A new pantograph, purchased for and used for the Rodeo quilt for Feather Your Nest.

"Hexagons" by Carol

Carol came to me through our mutual friend Xande.    The quilt is Carol's design. and is made up of lots and lots of little triangles.   Carol further told me that it was Xande's idea to cut the hexagons and add the gold bars because the quilt was "so brown" without them.  I love how it turned out, and I really love the gold thread on the black background.  Way cool!

"Rodeo" by Feather Your Nest

I think that I found Feather Your Nest, when we were on a bike ride.  As I recall, it was a century ride, so no time to stop and shop, but we of course returned!

This quilt will be auctioned off on the Facebook page of Feather Your Nest as a fund raiser for a young woman who competes in rodeos.  Best of luck to her and be sure and visit the shop in downtown Gresham, and on FB.

"Stars" by Leight

"Roosters" by Leigh

The picture on the right above is a much better representation of the colors than on the right, but that's how it turned out.  Sorry Leigh.

Leigh called this one "Roosters", but I have decided that the name of the quilt is "Cluckers".  Feathers behind the birds to represent tail feathers.  Too fun!

Kid's messages from Lisa

"Chief Sherpa" by me

the Sherpas who set up camp or us, and make the coffee in the morning, and provide the adult beverage of your choice at the end of the ride.  Team Soaras is the only way to do Cycle Oregon.  As a small thank you to Ted for his hard work, I made him this quilt. 

"Hello Puppies!" by me

In Sept. of 2017, we were supposed to ride Cycle Oregon, but it was cancelled due to forest fires.  Our friend Ted organized a week's worth of rides based out of Newport, OR. (The only part of the state not on fire at that time).  One of our rides was through Siltez, OR, and a tiny little town.  As we stood on the corner, eating our corn dogs, (It's a ride food), I had a feeling that there was a quilt shop nearby.  Sure enough!  Across the street was "Sew Hound" quilt shop.  With much calling from friends "No Beth!  Don't go!" I went anyway.  Didn't stop then, but we came back in the car after the ride was over that day.  I found these fun prints there and knew that they had to go home with me.  

This quilt will go to the Humane Society of SW Washington as a fundraiser.  Our little "Sam" came from there in May 2017, and he's such a sweetie boy.  Lucky us!

"Pansies" by Marni

Quilted with the "Persia" panto, and here's what the backing looks like.