Friendship Chain

I've got to say, you meet the nicest people at Weight Watcher meetings. My friend Matthew was one of the few men in my meeting, and we'd talk after meetings sometimes. He is going to grad school right now, and because of this, moved to Boston. He sent me an e-mail one day asking if I'd like a box of quilting supplies that he had that he couldn't take with him. Sure! was my thought. When I went to pick them up, the box turned out to be 4 boxes and a couple of large trash bags, and full of wonderful goodies! I went through the boxes and sorted out what I wanted to keep, then invited people over to take what they wanted, and donated the remainders. In all, Matthew's generosity helped more people than he could probably imagine. Matthew had watched me work on my Traveling Stars quilt for some time, and this is how he knew that I liked to quilt. He also commented that we had some of the same fabrics in our stashes. After digging through this wonderful treasure, I knew that I had to make a quilt out of some of his fabrics. He has a desire to go and study in, or eventually live in Ireland, so when I found an Irish Chain pattern, I knew that this was "his" quilt. Most of the fabrics in the chain and stars are from him, with a few from my own stash thrown in to fill things out as needed. Quilted with a pantograph called "Feathers" in white. Even my darling husband Randall called it "very nice" and left me a note on the quilt when I had it hanging up.

Sometime, in the distant future, look for a "beginning end ending" quilt. When I was cutting the fabrics for this quilt, I used a friends AccuQuilt cutter. It cut the fabrics so quickly and easily, that I ended up cutting WAY too many small squares of the white and orange fabrics. I've been using them as I piece other blocks as a beginner and ender for chain piecing. Someday, they'll get made into a quilt, but for now they are mostly 4-patch and 9-patch blocks that are slowly piling up.

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