This quilt was made for my friend Gary after he had an accident riding his bike. The pattern is my friend Wendy's "Fascinated by Monet", and I quilted it with the "Fold" design using my favorite thread, King Tut.
This quilt was actually lost before it was completed and then found again! I'd taken it to work to finish the binding by hand. Stuffed it into my bike bag, but didn't strap it in. I rode home about 5 miles, and when I got there, the quilt was gone! I rode as quickly as I could back across my route, but couldn't find the quilt. My thoughts as I was riding ran along the lines of "Oh well, someone must need this quilt more than Gary." , "at least I can make another quilt for Gary." and "Gosh I hope it didn't fall out when I was crossing over the freeway, and then landed on someone's windshield, blinding them and causing many accidents!" Thankfully, none of this was true. I was home for about 30 min. when I got an e-mail from a lovely gentleman who lives about 2 miles from us. He said that he had found a quilt with my name on it, and did I know anything about it? He said as well that the quilt was a little dirty, but otherwise fine. It looked as though the quilt had tumbled out of my bag, landed on the ground and stayed there for about 3 seconds before he picked it up and took it home. Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord as well, although Gary has a long and difficult journey ahead of him, he is doing well with his rehab.

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