Ron's T-Shirts

A couple of years ago, I had given a gift certificate for quilting to a fundraising auction for a cycling group. Dot bought the gift certificate with the intent to make her husband Ron a t-shirt quilt. In order to save some money, she was going to do the piecing work, and I was to quilt it for them. Time went by, and no word from Dot about the quilt, but then there was an e-mail from Ron asking if I could make the quilt, as Dot was just too busy. All the shirts had been cut down, and they had given me this great giraffe print fabric. No direction on how they wanted the quilt, just a queen sized quilt. With such a great opening, I was a little apprehensive that they might not like what I did with it, but I guess I was wrong. Sashed with the giraffe fabric, and black cornerstones to set them off. Too many shirts to end up evenly on the front of the quilt, but how do you just not include them? You don't! You put them on the back of the quilt! I love all the bike shirts, and the "Have you petted your therapist today?" one. But Boris and Natasha, from the Bullwinkle cartoon of my childhood, has got to be one of the best!

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