Sampler strings

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Sampler strings.  I seem to be in a string mode.  Using up all those pieces that are too large to throw away, but too small to bother with saving.  I keep collecting them in a large bin, currently in my guest room.  I use these as "starter/ender" pieces when I am piecing a quilt.  Keeps the thread tails to a minimum, as well as the "thread throw up/birds nests" from my machine.

I call this a Sampler String because when I was quilting it I opted to just play with different quilting designs.  I would at least attempt to start with a section that I would plan on filling.  Sometimes this area got larger because I would overshoot where I had planned to end.  I tracked down all of my books of quilting ideas for borders and sashings and just took the time to practice different designs.  I used a thread from Auaril that I received with my machine, so I don't even know what it's called.  Fun and variegated though. This quilt will go to the Portland Police, and ti's about twin bed sized.

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