Michael's "Amish With a Twist"

This is a BOM quilt from a company that shall remain nameless.  The idea was that this was a 12 month project where each month you would get fabrics for a portion of the quilt, as well as directions to make the block or blocks for the month.  The frustrating part for Michael is that it took greater than a year to get the last segment to finish the quilt, so a one year project took closer to two years to finish.  Michael has since renamed this quilt "KQB" an acronym for a new title that Michael chooses to use for this quilt.  Other than the lengthy time to get the last parts, I think the quilt is lovely.

With all the colors in the quilt, Michael opted for plain white, but with a slight sheen to the thread.  Quilted with an all over design of giant clam shells.

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