"Oregon" by Michael

 This is another one where he started with a souvenir tea towel for the center, and then added blocks around the edges.  Quilted with the "Log Cabin" panto, so there are trees, bears and of course a log cabin quilted into the quilt.

As I was quilting this, and looking at it after quilting, I had to laugh at myself.  It seemed that everywhere I looked on this map of Oregon, I was reminded of places that I have biked with my brother, or places we either need to go, or have plans to ride there soon.  All up and down the Willamette Valley for organized rides, or to go and see his daughter at college.  Last year was up the gorge for Cycle Oregon, and this fall we'll head to eastern Oregon for Cycle Oregon.  Yes, I'll be looking for fabric stores on the way!

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