Christmas Redwork quilt by Carol

 Here is the throw quilt that matches the "Deck the Halls" wallhanging Carol made.  Pieced blocks with a feathered wreath are offset by the redwork embroidery blocks.  Each embroidery block has a tight background fill that's different from the rest.
 Carol says she doesn't know what these are suposed to be either.  Chestnuts maybe?
 A Radio Flyer wagon has little pebbles in the background.

 Those are supposed to be clouds behind the train engine.
 An example of the pieced blocks.
 A teddy bear with a curly swirl design behind.

 A top with a spiraly design behind.
 Waves behind the horse to symbolize the rocking motion of the horse.
 The balls have a ribbon design behind them.
 I call this fill "Mimbari" after a species on a sci-fi program my husband watched.
 Leaves behind the peppermint canes to represent the mint leaves they initially come from.
The dolly gets a curly design even though she doesn't have curly hair.

A tight "Arrowhead" meander behind the ball and glove.

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