Block of the month by Carole

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 I did a feather that moves between the two seams in the cream border.  Rather than have it wrap around the quilt, it and the fern feather in the outer border both stop at seam lines.  Continuous curves in the half square triangle blocks.
 I'm kind of proud of this section.  The spine of the feathers goes around the center of the large cream square.  Then the feathers "grow" down the sides from the top, and up the sides from the bottom.  Plus little feathers in the squares.
 Each block has a slightly different feathered wreath in it.  So why didn't I take pictures of them all?   Feathers that curve out from the "honeycomb" piece above.
Hard to tell in the photos, but there are two colors of thread.  One is cream, and the other more of a pumpkin/ginger color to blend in with the batiks.  Nice job Carole!

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