Patriotic stars for Tom

At least I have someone to "blame" for this quilt.  My friend Mia, friend from college, was researching wedding music for her daughter.  She then came across a book called "Murder By Music", The Wedding Quilt.", written by Barbara Graham.  She emailed me the title because I love music, and quilts, so I went to look for it at the library.  Hmm.  Looks interesting, so checked it out.  While driving home, and at a stop light, I started to thumb through it, and found that not only is it a novel, but there's also a mystery quilt pattern included!  Yes, I've read at least one more of her books, and I think I have #3 checked out now.  All with mystery quilt patterns in them.  This one started with a specific quantity of what would turn out to be the background fabric, so I just pulled whatever I had where there was enough fabric to start with.  Then I added the solids to coordinate with the print background. 

Since the quilt was so patriotic to begin with I used the "Where Eagles Dare" panto.  This one went to the Multnomah County Sheriff's officer I found sitting and doing paper work in his patrol car next to me.  Always fun to surprise the officer and offer them something nice. 

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