" 'Twas the Night Before Christmas." by Carole

Yes, Carole is at it again with her embroidery machine.  Amazing work!  Quilted primarily with white Glide thread, but she chose "Military Gold" for the red borders.
 A woman after my own heart, Carole says that she "loves feathers."

 As I was quilting this center section, I felt that it really needed more quilting on the roof to hold it down.  However, now that I see it hanging up, I love how the lack of quilting there makes the "snow" on the roof so much more dimensional.
 Carole's exquisite redwork.

 How many times can I include feathers?  Oh lots!
 Even feathered wreaths in the corners to avoid trying to wrap 2 strands of feathers around the corner and then to meet again.  So much easier to start and stop in the middle of each border and work out.

How cool is this!  The white thread glows under black light!  So much easier to see where I've been with this.  Strangely, the white bobbin thread does not glow, only the top.  Same with the white background fabric.

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