"A Bale of Turtles" by me.

 I just looked it up.  A grouping of turtles is called a "Bale"  So, here's my "Bale".  Officer Tori took a trip to Hawaii, and brought me back fabric!  This is made from 4 of the same turtle panels, all stitched together.    Surely was fun to play with the quilting.  An attempt at fast "waves" in the outer border, then I just echoed some of the designs in the fabric itself.  I think my favorite is the narrow striping behind the flowers and turtles below.  I had the perfect size of wool batting leftover, so that gives the quilt a lot of loft, and the dense quilting lets the un-quilted areas shine.

I dropped this one off at East Precinct yesterday with a note for Officer Tori.  This one was finished near Father's Day, in honor of her dad, and mine.  Thanks Dad.

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