"Bow Ties" by me

 Back in 2016, we were riding "Reach the Beach".  A fund raiser bike ride for the American Lung Association.  (If you'd like to support me for the 2018 ride, please let me know!)  The group of us were riding along, and met up with Michael who was riding his first century ride.  He joined our paceline, and we got to talking throughout the ride.  In 2017, we were getting ready to start out on the same ride, and who should we run into, but Michael!  We're facebook friends, but otherwise, only "once a year friends".  The ones that you only see one time per year.  Michael said that he and his husband planned to get pregnant in the coming year, with their first daughter.  Of course she will need a quilt!
 What better design for this new and growing family than a bow tie block?  Even more fun when I found pink bow tie fabric!
Quilted with a pantograph of bikes since that's how I got to know Michael.   Yes, I'll be seeing him again in May for RTB.  Our once a year friendship continues.

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