"Snowflake Spendor" by me

 My friend Kathy got me hooked up with an online mystery quilting group.  Oh dear.  I'm in trouble!  This one was my first one.  Only 2 colors, so chose orange and purple.  Of course, I went for scrappy, because it makes me happy, but this may have been a bit too much.
 Difficult to see in the photo above, but it's quilted with cat silhouettes, and the reason I chose that design is because of the cats in the border.
Then on Christmas Eve I'm madly stitching the binding down in the hope of finding a cop to give it to.  Found one, but he was behind me at a traffic light, and probably not the time to leap from the car and run back to him.
The following Saturday on my way home from an appt. I saw an officer pull into the parking lot of the church near our home.  Followed him, and then waited outside his vehicle.  "Well hello there." he says when saw me.
Nice officer, on his way to a meeting, but came over to pick up the quilt after his meeting.  And to get a bit of the story behind why.  It just warms my heart to "stalk a cop" and give them these.

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