Brandon's t-shirts by Dianna

Dianna doesn't sew or quilt, but she's not one to let that stand in her way.  We'd meet up every once in a while at my house, and I'd show her the next step in the process.  Dianna chose all of the fabrics for the borders of the shirts, and pieced those.  I took on the task of sashing strips, cornerstones, borders and quilting.  Sorry Dianna.  I'm willing to let you play on my baby sewing machine, but you're not taking Esther Pearl for a test drive for a while.  Since Brandon is a swimmer, we chose blue wave fabric for the borders, and quilted the quilt with a wave pattern
This is my favorite shirt.  The bear is holing a sign that reads "I am not a bear."

This is from "Blue Blankee".  Dianna tells me that even before he was born, this quilt was on his bed, and was carried around by Brandon for some time.  The family even joked that "Blue Blankee" would be going to college with him.  Well, now it really is.  I took the center panel out, and appliqued it to the back of the quilt.  Isn't that just so sweet?

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