Toby's Napkin quilt

Our lovely dog, Toby, has a habit of using this ottoman as a napkin.  As in, rubbing his face along it after he eats.  Consequently, the sage green ottoman has gotten rather brown and dog food shaded on one side.  So, I grabbed my fabrics, and a block and whipped out a "napkin" for him that can easily be thrown into the washer when it gets icky. 
Now I have to confess.  Math isn't my strong suit.  Consequently, when I made it, the sides and top and bottom aren't the same length.  You can't tell in the photo, but trust me.  It made perfect sense when I had it laid out on the guest room floor though!  Besides, all the leftover blocks made a lovely quilt top that will eventually be quilted up for charity. 
By the way, the napkin works great!

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