Von Bergen Dairy Farm Quilt by Nancy

I received an e-mail from Nancy in February 2014 with the following in the e-mail."In working out my grief at losing my mother in June, I finished some family tree research which I knew would have pleased her immensely. The outflow of the research  caused me to undertake this quilt project, which depicts my great grandparent's dairy farm, and would have been such a source of delight to mom, as well as providing a durable family history for my kids and grandkids."  Nancy then attached some photos of the quilt top, and described what she had done.  Above is the full quilt after quilting.  Below are more detailed photos of specific parts of the quilt.

 Here is the house.  Nancy quilted the house before she sent it on to me.  Notice the small glass bead to represent the old glass doorknob on the front door.

Below, we have the family.  Nancy took a photo, and "dressed" the people in the photo in fabrics.  Underneath she has included the names of who is who.

The fruit trees on the farm are all dimensional.  Nancy took small pieces of fabric and stitched these to the background.

I don't know if this house still exists, but regardless, this is a wonderful testimony to the family that worked so hard for so many years to provide a home for their families.  The treasure that Nancy has created is just amazing, and I hope that it will be treasured for many, many generations to comes.

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