Leslie's Dresden Plates

I trimmed all the blocks to a consistent size, then added sashing fabrics and corner stones for frames.  Then the real fun began because I got to quilt them!
First I used the seams of each segment as a spine for feathers, and stitched in the ditch around the center circle.  I didn't want my cream thread to compete with the black hand embroidery, so I didn't stitch around the appliques.  I added a background fill of a loose meander to just hold everything together.

All of the sashing strips received a feather that met in the middle.  That way there is no top or bottom to the design, and it can go any direction.
Last was to add a small feathered wreath in each of the corner stones.  What a lovely quilt, and it's going to be a lovely gift for Leslie's 86 yo mother, daughter and grand-daughter of the women who made the blocks in the first place.  What a great ending to a lovely collection of blocks.

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