Mexican Stars or 8 pointed stars by Pat.

Pat brought me another stunner to quilt for her. This one is for her Sister in Law, the lucky lady!  Here's what Pat had to say about the recipient of the quilt.
 When I think about my sister in law (whom the quilt is bound for), I think of words such as snazzy, somewhat glittery in that she likes rhinestones on her western garb, not afraid of color and a amazing seamstress.
So we went for "Snazzy".  I used "Glide" thread since it's got a bit of a sheen to it.  I was going to do something else for the quilting, but it just hit me that this is what this quilt needed.  Snazzy, but still feminine. 

I love the continuous curves in the stars, and how the feathers fill the background.  Such a fun quilt to work on.

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