Carpenter's Star by Jillianne

Here's a portion of the outer border, all done in piano keys., but pieced with different fabrics from the quilt.  The outer border is about 10" wide.
Oh wow.  Here's a beauty.  The photo above shows as much of the whole quilt as  I could get to show.  I think our eyes naturally stop at the white border.
 A narrow cream border filled with feathers that wind between the seams, then a feather that goes out on both sides in the pieced border.  Leaves on a vine in the red border.

The center star with feathers that radiate out from the center.  All of the above is done with Glide Military Gold thread.

For the background fill, a Peacock Feather meander in Glide Cream
Trying to get a shot of the backing with the center star.  Squint.  You can see it.

 Jillianne chose Hobbs wool batting, and I love the loft that it gives to the quilt.  Also very light.  Lovely work Jillianne.

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