Skiing at Altenmarkt by me.

Oh so many years ago when I was in high school, I was lucky enough to meet and become friends with Ursula.  She was an exchange student from Modling, Austria who was staying with another family that we were very close to.  At the time, I knew how to knit only the most basic, unattractive slippers in two colors.  It was the 1970's, so you can imagine how bad they were.  Ursi and I were taking a weaving class, and she decided to knit a sweater for her brother at home, Georg.  I wanted to learn to do that!   Hence my love of knitting was born, even before it was cool.

When I saw this quilt pattern, I knew that I had to make it, but didn't know where it would end up.  I just saved the pattern for a while.  Meanwhile, Ursi writes to share that she's going to be a grandma!  This was the perfect excuse to make this quilt.  When Ursi was pregnant with her oldest son, I knitted a little blanket and sleep sack for him.  Now I'm just continuing the tradition.

Quilted with an edge to edge design called "Tangles" which is what my yarn would do when knitting with multiple yarns until I learned Fair Isle knitting.  Much better!
This quilt is approx. twin sized, really too big for a "baby quilt", but I hope that it's something they'll use as the baby grows.
I will admit the "Humility block" in the larger quilt, and have fun looking for it.  I was finishing the quilting on the last row of the quilt when I happened to look at it from another angle and realized that something was out of place.  Drat!  At least when I hung up the quilt to photograph it took me a while to find it again, so maybe it's not as bad as I thought.  Besides, only God is perfect, so I've included a mistake in my quilt.  (Like I have to purposefully make a mistake!)

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