Joshua's t for Elaine

Elaine has 3 sons, and this is the last of the quilts for them.  I think I had the most fun on this one too.  I started with the two "101 Dalmations" pillowcases in the top and bottom corners. The bottom left corner is a Hawaiian print shirt that yielded the cornerstones for the blocks.  Hard to see, but in the middle of the quilt is actually a tie from a bathrobe.  Didn't know what to do with it, so I just stitched it down and left the ends loose.

 The tie was too perfect not to add.  The best shirt to "tie" it to was the one for the band, even if the shirt was a polo shirt that you wouldn't normally wear a tie with, and the colors don't exactly coordinate.  Still, too fun to pass up.

This has to be my favorite block.  It's actually more of a sweater, but still worked well.  The seam shown above was in the side of the shirt, and the safety pins were actually on the inside, but the stitching to hold the seam closed was on the outside.  I guess not everyone sews as much as I do, or has access to a sewing machine to repair clothes.  Very creative!

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