Marelle's quilt from Aunt Joy

Back in August of 2014, my niece, through my husband, Marielle received this quilt from their Aunt Joy.  Randall's mother's sister.  Marielle washed the quilt, and sadly the original quilting fell apart.  She took the whole quilt apart, and we added new batting, and backing to it.
The story that we pieced together from Joy is that the quilt was found in a relative's home, and no one seems to know who made it or why.

The blocks are all hand embroidered, and the person who made it was great at embroidery, not so great at piecing.  Blocks were wonky and few corners matched, but you'll never notice from 3 feet away on a galloping horse.  That's a rule I learned from my friend Wendy.  "If you can't see if from 3 feet on a galloping horse, it doesn't show."  Excellent rule!  I used Glide thread, quilted it with vines and leaves to go with the flower theme in the embroidery.  Wool batting to give it loft.  The original backing wasn't large enough to use again, so it became the label on the back, and the new binding.  Now I hope it will have a new and long life with Marielle.

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