"Animals" by Donna

Donna contacted me via email about quilting a quilt, and then pulls this beauty out of her bag.  First, it's just adorable!  "Where did you find the pattern?" I ask.  She has designed all the blocks herself.  Oh my!  I hope that she'll work on getting the pattern published, I'd love to make one for some future child of someone's.  So, so sweet!  We talked about how she wanted it quilted, and Donna ended up taking the top home with her to mark specific quilting designs on the blocks.  I have stated repeatedly that I can quilt, but I can't draw to save my life.  Each block is SID around the outer edge of the animal, and there are swirls that alternate directions in the sashing strips.  Outer border has a daisy meander with hearts in the four corners. 
Kitty has some swirls going through her body.  All the animals also have embroidered eyes.
 The zebra got intersecting lines through his white stripes, and two little flies in the background.

 Elephant with his trunk wrapped up and over his body, then the quilting makes the water that he's spraying.

 The whale has fish swimming under the edge of the water.
 Snowflakes on the penguin.
 Bamboo leaves for the panda.
The lion is so wonderful as he is that he's only SID.

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