Grey Wholecloth by me

Plan A.  I'll load up a two pieces of extra wide quilt backing, and cut one down to be the size of a twin bed, quilt it in lots of different playing around designs, and then give it to the police.  What really happened.  I got it cut and loaded and started to play with it, but then got bored, so took it off and put on something else.  Then this would get reloaded as a sample quilt for people testing out my machine, or during a beginner class.  I finally just added some fills, cut it short and bound it by machine.  Off to the police with you too!

I did like the playing with my new rulers from Christmas though.  The spines of the feathers are from the scallop edge, then filled with free hand feathers and piano keys on the outside edge. Could have been straighter.

The 90 degree angle is another new ruler, then moved it slightly to get a "channel" between the two rows.  A swirl of feathers to fill and off we go.

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