Appliqued Flowers by Carin's relative

Long story.  I'm doing a service call, and my phone, which never rings, rings.  I heard her say that she had 2 baby quilts to quilt.  When I called her back later on, it's was 2 queen quilts.  Oh. a bit of a difference.  She's also not from Oregon, as I had assumed, they live in Arkansas. 

Story I got is that mom Carin and daughter Kathleen live in Arkansas, but the quilts will be going to an aunt in Oregon.  I think that's how they picked me to quilt them.  Kathleen isn't really sure who made them or when, but  I believe this one is original 1930's fabrics, some of which were "repurposed."  As in the background fabric has obvious lines old stitching lines where something had been taken apart, and then resewn into this lovely quilt top. 
This block has a small stain, not unusual for something of this age. It's hard to see, but in the closeup below, the original hand basting stitches are still in the yellow center.  I found a few of these blocks.
 I tried to keep the quilting traditional to the quilt top, so SID around the flowers, then a tight meander for a background fill.  This allows the flowers to pop up off the background.  Feathers in the sashing strips that "grow" in the same direction as all the flowers.  Quilted with Hobbs Wool batting, and So Fine! thread.  What a lovely memory for the family.

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