Toby's napkin leftovers by me.

 If you have been following this blog, you may remember "Toby's napkin quilt."  Our dog Toby lvoes to wipe his mouth on the ottoman in our living room.  Can't throw that in the washer, but I can throw his quilt in.  When I made it, I messed up and had (as you can see) many pinwheel blocks leftover.  Threw those into a quilt top, set off with the same background fabric as in the blocks, and here's one for the police.

 I quilted this one essentially the same as the napkin, with continuous curves in the pinwheels.  The setting squares each got a phantom pinwheel, one that mimics the piecing, but aren't really pieced.  Then I added the background fills in the background.  Just something to play around with, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  I also love the green thread that really shows up on the grey.

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