Cheer shirts and uniforms for Jackie's oldest

 Drat!  I forgot to get a photo of the quilt before Jackie and her husband came to pick it up, so I asked them to hold it up so I could get a picture for the website.  They did a great job, but I must have moved when taking the photo, and now it's blurry.
Here is one of her uniforms for cheer.  This was a new challenge to try to incorporate such heavy fabrics.  Learned that my girl (quilting machine) didn't like going over the heavy fabric, and this jersey was somewhat distorted in places.  Live and learn.

I really wish that I had a photo of the bottom left of the quilt.  We took a pair of the panties that she wore under her skirt and appliqued them to a block.  Zebra stripe with sparkles.  Really fun!

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