Owls by me for charity

 Quick!  Find the "humility block"!  Those are the blocks that you intentionally make a mistake in because only God is perfect.

This is one of the quilts that ended up starting out as a king sized mystery quilt.  I wasn't happy with my color choices, didn't like the lengthy piecing, so finally bailed on it.  Now I've got all these blocks, and no plan to finish the project.  What to do?  Charity quilts!
This is a new panto that I don't have listed in my pantos yet.  Owls with leaves.  Really cute.  I used a variegated thread in the top, and a a dark green in the bobbin to really show up on the bright yellow backing. 

 I was giggling to myself because it was "Cyber Monday", and I was on a bike ride with friends. Kept seeing police officers in cars.  Just driving past me, doing their jobs.  I interpreted this as my late father, and former cop with City Of Portland, telling me that I needed to get this quilt donated to the police and soon!  I'd had the quilt done for a few days by then.  Sure enough, after dropping off the quilt at the police, I stopped seeing so many police officers driving around.  Thanks for the nudge Dad!

I just looked. I'm up to 3 quilts for charity from this one planned quilt so far.  I think when I was looking in a bag for another quilt, I found another quilt top from this same grouping though.  I REALLY hope that I've found all the blocks and got them all made into tops, but one never knows what you can find in the sewing room closet.

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