"Memories of Dad" by me

 Quilted with "Flaming Flamingos" pantograph, and pink thread.  The flamingos were initially chosen for brother Joe, but they also reminded me of the peacocks that Dad used to love so much.  And we all hated.  Idiot birds.
 We all know the old line "Never a police officer when you need one."  Well, today that was proven wrong.  I was loading up the car with other errands to run, and backing out of the driveway.  Just happened to see a police cruiser turning onto our street, so threw the car into park, and went out and flagged him down.  I had attached a "Dear Officer" letter to the quilt, but as I gave it to him, I just told him a brief background of why I wanted him to have the quilt.  Just made me so happy to be able to give him the quilt, and I hope that it brightens his day.  I know that giving him the quilt brightened mine.

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