Silk throw for William of Barley Twist

Bill contacted me via email about this silk throw.  His customer had had it made, but it was silk on the top and backing.  Lovely, but slippery as all get out.  They wanted it re-quilted so that she could keep it as a throw to cuddle under when it's chilly, and then pass it down to the next generation.

Bill trustingly shipped the whole thing to me, and I took it apart.  Quilted it with wool batting and a 108" lavender cotton backing fabric.  Quilted with Glide "Mocha" thread, following the design of the paisley in the fabric.  I'd never quilted silk before, so initially, scared to death, but it quilted up beautifully.

He also sent me a piece of what appears to be silk or at least a blend for the binding.  It's heavier than what I'm used to working with, but turned out to be quilt lovely.  I love how the thickness of the fabric makes it more reminiscent of cording that you'd find on upholstered furniture.

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