Quilts for Camp Erin by Michael and his friend Jeanette

Michael has made several quilts for Camp Erin, a children's summer camp through his work.  This one is my favorite of this group.  What a great idea to take a panel, like the one above, and then add blocks to build out the quilt to a good kid size.  Quilted with a Saturn meander and stars and loops. 

 Michael's friend, Jeannette made this one.  The block is called Card Trick. Can't you just see a hand of cards there?  Michael told me to "choose my favorite panto" to quilt this one, so I used Tangles. 

It's BIKES!  I have many of these bike fabrics already in my stash, so I have to admire Michael's wonderful taste in fabric.  Quilted with the American Flyer panto, but I call it the bike panto.

Sponge Bob Square Pants!  (Sorry, I don't know the name of his starfish friend.)  Michael, you are so creative and sharing in your talents.  Lucky kids at Camp Erin.
Here's a link to Camp Erin so you can see more about the great work they do there.  http://oregon.providence.org/our-services/c/camp-erin/

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