String pieced Trip Around the World

This one has a long story, so be prepared.

First off, it's yet another of my funky string pieced quilts.  Start with all those little leftover bits of fabric that are at least 1" wide and 7 inches long.  (Since the squares finish at 6")  Sew lots or a few together until you've got a piece big enough, then trim to size.

This time, I tried to make an actual pattern, so drew out the design on graph paper and started to count blocks.  I needed 20 of each color scheme, except for the orange in the center, and that's mostly because I had one orange block left over from another string quilt.  Once I think that I've got all the blocks needed, start sewing them into rows.  Only to find that I can't count, and I'm short on several colors.  Piece more blocks and try again until I've finally got enough to make the top.  Look at it repeatedly and try to decide if it works, of if it's just a jumble of messy fabric.

Since I alternate months on who the quilt is donated in honor of, this one was supposed to be for my dad.  But, he kept telling me in my mind, that "No, this one is for Tom."  I'm thinking, What?  It's too ugly for you dad?  Then I learned the reason it's for Tom. 

Customer Michael emails me to say that his house has been broken into, they stole an ipod, but that seems to be all.  The reason he is telling me this though is to inform me that he gave my info to the police officer who responded to his call after she was commenting on all the quilts in his home.  I asked Michael for the officer's info in the hope that I could give a quilt to her in the future.  I sent her an email explaining my reason for the quilt, and that this was to be given in Tom's honor.  She writes back to inform me that not only did she know Tom, but that they were hired on the same day, and went through basic training together, and became good friends over the course of their careers.  Wow.  So, this is why dad wanted this quilt to go for Tom.

Like Tom, the quilt is a little funky, but I think it all works out in the end.  If nothing else, it's a fun memory for me of a great guy, and it will hopefully provide some comfort to someone in the future.

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