Dad's and Lindsay's dad's quilt

 This quilt has a bit of a history behind it.  Lindsay had brought me the black and white fabrics to make a quilt in memory of her father.  I carefully washed and dried the fabric, separating lights and darks.  Managed to miss the one red hot pad in the wash that had never been washed.  Sure enough, what was black and white became black and pink.    I bought more fabric to replace what I had messed up, and put this aside for a time.  I randomly pieced the half square triangles of different fabrics together, and then set it with a pink fabric from my stash.  The plan was that this quilt would be for the police.  The batting is pieced together from former projects, and the rest of the fabric all came from my stash.  Recycling from a quilter's standpoint.

Today, I had the pleasure to meet the officer who knew Tom, and gave this quilt to her.  She also told me the story of where the Trip Around the World quilt had gone.  I got a little teary and definitely had chills.  So, here's a quilt from Lindsay's dad, my dad and Tom, plus the recipients of the original fabrics from the stash pieces.  All ready to help someone who's facing a tough time   Thanks everyone.

Hearts in the setting squares since so many people I love were "involved" in this quilt.

Feathers in the outer border because I like them.  Even the perfect black and white binding! 

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