Kaffe Fasset Flowers by Pat

This quilt was a challenge, and became known to my friend Mia, with whom I email daily, as "The Buffalo Quilt."  No, it's got nothing to do with Buffalo, but it surely had me buffaloed for a long time.  That's the term horse riders use when they are fearful of a horse.  Most of my fears were from my own lack of note taking when Pat dropped it off.  Note to self "some sort of ruler work." isn't helpful when it comes time to quilt!  Once started though, it really went quickly.  The blocks are large, and since they are set on point, there was quite a bit of back and forth on the quilting. I couldn't quite get the entire block in to quilt it all at once, so do a section, advance, do a section, retreat.  Thank goodness for my motorized fabric advance!

 Hard to see the ruler work on those little white dots, but it's there.  Even in person I had to check some places repeatedly to be sure that I had gotten them all.
 More feathers in the borders.  I do love to quilt those!

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